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Event Rules and Regulations

  1. Once you have met the requirement, log in at this page to receive an energy orb for the day. Please collect your energy orb before 23:30pm each day.
  2. Wait 10 minutes after completing your game to start collecting the energy orb.
  3. If you have not fulfilled your requirement for the day, you will not be able to collect the energy orb for the day.
  4. You can only collect the energy orb on the day that you earn it.
  5. You will need energy orbs to redeem your gifts. Energy orbs will be spent as you exchange them for gifts.
  6. Please redeem all your gifts during the event period, by 30/06/2014 at 23:30pm.

40 IP + 4 WIN XP Boost

1 Energy Orb

100 IP + 10 Win XP Boost

4 Energy Orbs

4 Win IP Boost

8 Energy Orbs

3 Day IP Boost + 3 Day XP Boost

13 Energy Orbs

50 RP + 10 Win IP Boost + Starcall Ward

19 Energy Orbs

100 RP + Ryze Champion + Human Ryze + Starcall Ward

26 Energy Orbs